The Garmin vivofit 3 makes me want to move again

I’ve long been an activity tracker kind of guy. I strapped them all onto my fleshy wrist: the Fitbits, the Nikes, the Polars. I’ve watched circles fill up on my Apple Watch and I’ve watched ghost competitors race me on early GPS watches. But for the past few months I abandoned any wrist-based tracker because the battery in the one I was using kept dying. And so I went pedometer-less for a long while.

Now, thankfully, I can walk again thanks to the vivofit 3. Garmin’s super-simple band has a 1-year battery life, is eminently usable and is as unobtrusive as any other fitness tracker — without the requirement to carry a charger around on long trips. In short, it’s fitness tracking epitomized.

The device is exactly what you’d expect from a fitness tracker. It has a single…

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