Spotify seeks more personalized playlists after Discover Weekly finds 40M users

Apple Music, Tidal and, until recently, Spotify, failed at music discovery because they stuck to a blog-style format. But Spotify has cracked the code with a Facebook News Feed-style personalized, frequently updated playlist called Discover Weekly. Spotify now says the playlists have seen 40 million unique users since launching last July, and 5 billion tracks streamed.

That’s remarkable for a new feature, considering Spotify has 75 million active users total. Discover Weekly analyzes your listening history, combines it with what’s hot and new on Spotify, and updates each Monday with 30 new songs you’ll likely love.

And it’s working. More than half of Discover Weekly’s users save at least one song, listen to at least 10 tracks each week and come back the next week. The…

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