Get lost in 10,000 square miles of multiplayer VR with MetaWorld later this year

Virtual reality as it exists currently is generally an isolating experience. Plenty of VR worlds are sparsely populated, inhabited by robots, or empty. There are social platforms for VR already, but MetaWorld, an upcoming collaboration between UK-based Improbable and Berkeley-based HelloVR, will expand the horizons of social VR – expand them nearly 10,000 square miles, to be exact.

MetaWorld doesn’t strive for photo-realism, as you can see from the screenshots included here, but it does shoot for the moon when it comes to scale. Using SpatialOS, which is an engine created by Andreessen Horowitz-backed Improbable and designed to provide the basis for huge, sophisticated and complex game worlds, HelloVR will create a 10,000 square mile playground for VR users to enjoy…

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