Pokémon Go finally goes live in Japan with McDonalds the first sponsored location

Pokémon Go has finally launched in Japan, the land where Pokémania began. McDonalds is the game’s first sponsor in a deal which, as we reported earlier this week, turns the fast food firm’s 3,000 stores in the country into Pokémon Go “gyms”.

The launch has been a long while coming for Japanese fans to say the least. The smash hit title first went live in the U.S. over two weeks ago, before coming to most of Europe and Canada last week. That’s left many Japanese fans disappointed at having to watch without being able to join in the fun.

Even today’s launch hasn’t been without drama. The game has been ready to launch in Japan for days now, as we previously reported, but internal disagreement and a leak held things up. On Tuesday, we reported that the game would…

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