Watch Ultrahaptics use ultrasound to let you feel imaginary objects

Ultrahaptics lets you touch what you see in virtual and augmented reality, or even give a 2D poster 3D feeling. It uses small speaker-like ultrasound wave emitters to give the sensation of pressure and texture when you’re just waving your hands in the open air.

Ultrahaptics CTO Tom Carter demoed the technology on stage today at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Berlin conference. It feels like some combination of static electricity from laundry, a fan, and heavy bass without the sound.

He showed how he could allow you to feel a movie poster you pass on the street. In his demo, you could wave your hands in front of a Star Wars: The Last Jedi poster, and touch ‘the force’ — a tingly feeling synced to a lightsaber sound and animation of crackling energy on the poster’s screen.


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