Lishtot’s TestDrop tells you whether water is safe to drink without even touching it

Consistent access to clean water is something billions lack, and part of that is the inability to check whether one’s water is clean or not. Lishtot could help change this with a tiny device that instantly determines if water is safe to drink just by analyzing the electric field around it — no strips, no microfluidics, no toxic chemicals. It honestly sounds too good to be true, but as far as I can tell it’s the real thing.

I talked with Lishtot (Hebrew for “drink”) CEO Netanel Raisch at CES, where he demonstrated the simplicity and effectiveness of the TestDrop device. He had with him two plastic cups of water, to one of which had been added a contaminant. Pressing the test button, he moved the TestDrop toward one cup — blue light, clean. Do the same for the other —…

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