ZTE will deliver the first Android Oreo (Go Edition) handset for the U.S. market in March

Things have been mostly quiet on the Android Go front since Google announced the low-power mobile operating system back in May — aside, of course, from an unexpected name chance to the decidedly less catchy. Android Oreo (Go Edition). One of the things that’s made the offering unique from the start, however, is that unlike most of these sorts of lite offerings targeted at the developing world, the stripped down version of Android won’t be skipping any markets, the U.S. included.

Barcelona is bound to play home to number of [for brevity, let’s just call it] “Android Go” launches this week, but ZTE’s Tempo Go will have the distinction of being the first such handset to launch in the U.S. when it debuts next month. In fact, while the phone (or some variation thereof) is…

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