12 questions about the future of HQ trivia and its $15M fundraise

HQ is redefining mobile, creating through its twice-daily trivia games a sense of urgency that pierces the monotony of our social feeds. Now it’s raised a big round of funding to turn its scrappy operation into the Jeopardy from tomorrow. But just like its 12-round games, we’ve got 12 questions (and some answers) for HQ:

1. Why is HQ special?

Everything else on your phone happens on your schedule, so there’s nothing to miss, but also nothing to look forward to. By assembling its players (known as HQties) at noon and 6pm Pacific each day via push notification, it creates a shared experience akin to a huge sporting event. And there’s a real incentive. Players try to answer 12 multiple-choice questions, and anyone who gets them all splits the jackpot. One of its biggest games…

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