Myst developer Cyan teases something for the groundbreaking game’s 25th birthday

Myst is a strange title: essentially a Hypercard stack so big it had to be loaded on a CD-ROM, it was also one of the most intriguing and visually exciting games to come out in years. It has aged poorly, but Cyan, its developer, may be giving it a fresh coat of paint for the game’s 25th anniversary.

The company posted a simple image to of the “Myst” book from the game, with a Post-it note reading “25” attached to the front. What could it be?

A remaster? That happened in 2000. Not a real-time, prettied-up version of the game — that came out in 2015. And not a new title with Myst heritage — Cyan announced its new VR game Firmament last week.

The prettier version of Myst

It could, of course, be a “realMyst” version of the sequel, Riven, or an update to one…

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