Lyft hires ex-Googler as VP of talent and inclusion

Lyft has brought on Nilka Thomas to join the company as its new vice president of talent and inclusion . At Lyft, Thomas will be tasked with overseeing recruiting, inclusion, diversity and employee relations.

Most importantly, in my eyes, is that Thomas will “Ensure that inclusion and diversity efforts are seamlessly integrated from the earliest candidate touch points,” Lyft wrote on its blog.

Nilka Thomas, Lyft VP of Talent and Inclusion

Prior to joining Lyft, Thomas spent more than ten years at Google, as part of the company’s recruitment and business growth teams. Thomas is now the highest-ranking member of the Lyft team that is focused on inclusion and diversity.

In September 2016, Lyft brought on Tariq Meyers to serve as its first-ever head of inclusion and diversity….

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