Minit is a monochromatic adventure that eats up hours 60 seconds at a time

If the overstuffed buffets of Far Cry 5 and other expansive AAA games leave a sour taste in your mouth, you may find Minit a suitable palate cleanser. This charming little top-down adventure combines some clever puzzle solving with a well-realized black and white art style.

The pitch is simple: You’re a little guy who picks up a cursed sword that causes you to die every 60 seconds and start over from your home. So whatever you do in this game, you have to do in less than a minute.

Some things reset when you die, and some things stay done — enemies will return, but favors will be remembered, keys retained and so on. Figuring out how to effect lasting progress is a big part of the fun.

Also fun is the art style, which is determinedly monochromatic; not even a shade of grey to be…

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