iOS 11.4 looks set to be Apple's most boring iOS release to date

​iOS 11.4 Public Beta 5

iOS 11.4 Public Beta 5

Apple has just pushed out iOS 11.4 Public Beta 5, and there’s not an awful lot to get excited about in this release.

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This latest public beta feels familiar, and that’s because some of the features were present in iOS 11.3 betas, but ended up being dropped from the final release.

Here’s what’s in the iOS 11.4 beta:

  • iMessage in iCloud: This feature looks to sync iMessage messages across all devices by making iCloud the hub for it. Get a new device, and all your messages will download to it. Delete a message off one device, it’s gone off all of them. Nice.
  • AirPlay 2 is back, with fixes for YouTube playback issues as well as adding stereo pairing for…

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