Hidden files hint at a possible PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2

At launch, the long-awaited (and much hyped) western adventure that is Red Dead Redemption 2 is only available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

That might not be the case forever, though. Code hidden within the game’s mobile companion app suggests that a PC version could be in the works.

Last week, we wrote about Red Dead Redemption 2’s companion app, which lets you rip the in-game map off the TV and put it on a nearby tablet, instead. No more pausing just to figure out if you and your horse are still headed in the right direction.

Some tinkerers over at GTAForums (as spotted by RockstarIntel) have been poking around that very app, and have unearthed a few interesting parameters left behind.

Two unused parameters tucked into the app…

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