Powerbeats Pro review: An upgrade over AirPods in almost every way

In many aspects, Beats’ $249 Powerbeats Pro are the antithesis of Apple’s $199 AirPods: The AirPods forgo buttons for touch controls, while the Powerbeats Pro has three buttons; the AirPods are one size fits all, while the Powerbeats Pro have interchangeable tips and are adjustable; the AirPods aren’t designed for fitness buffs, while the Powerbeats Pro are designed primarily with fitness buffs in mind; and the AirPods are minimalistic, while the Powerbeats Pro aren’t and unapologetically so.

At their core, however, the AirPods are Powerbeats Pro are very much the same product. Both use Apple’s underlying technology — specifically, the H1 chip — to integrate seamlessly with Apple’s ecosystem of products. Pairing the earbuds with every…

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