US/China trade uncertainty adds to global smartphone growth woes

That goes live in New York tomorrow, by the way. This time out, expect a lot on the health front. Thatu2019s been the companyu2019s focus for a while now, both as a way to distinguish the product from a flood of fellow wearables and to get it taken more seriously by the FDA and, by extension, healthcare providers. Menstrual tracking and a feature for keeping track of medications appear to be in the works.n

So, too, are new Voice Memos, Calculator and Apple Books apps.n

The party gets started Monday at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. We’ll be there with a live blog, breaking news and unicorn skull shards in tow.n


Last yearu2019s WWDC was a rare step away from hardware for the company, without a single device announcement. In fact, Appleu2019s…

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