Dawn Capital closes $125M Opportunities Fund to double down on its biggest bets

Dawn Capital has made a name for itself over the last several years for having a sharp eye when it comes to spotting interesting B2B startups in Europe before they become big, with companies like iZettle (acquired by PayPal last year for $2.2 billion), Mimecast (IPO’d and now worth $2.8 billion), Collibra and Showpad among its stable. Today, it’s announcing the close of a new fund that will help it capitalise on those growing bets more directly itself.

The $125 million Opportunities Fund, as it is called, will be used by London-based Dawn to make larger investments in a smaller, cherry-picked selection of startups that it has already backed in earlier stages. It comes on the heels of Dawn also closing a bigger fund of $235 million, Dawn III, for those Series A and B rounds,…

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