The iPhone 12 and HomePod mini leak ahead of today’s big Apple event

I guess maybe don’t read this if you like being surprised. Though you already read the headline and saw the first image, so you might as well keep keep going, right? And this is an Apple event we’re talking about, so surely there will be a surprise or two left. What we have here are a bunch of photos of the headliners of today’s big “Hi Speed” Apple event. Courtesy of perennial smartphone leaker Evan Blass, the shots appear to confirm the arrival of the iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini in a matter of hours.

There aren’t a lot of details attached — though, thanks to earlier rumors and leaks we seem to have a pretty good idea of what we’re in for at today’s event. Apple’s long-standing devotion to the notch is still front and center, and the flat-sided, iPad Pro…

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