Bolt unveils its fourth-generation scooter

Bolt is better known for its ride-hailing service. But the company also operates an electric scooter service in 45 cities across Europe. Designed by the company’s in-house hardware team, the new model focuses on safety.

As you can see on the photo, it’s a big scooter that weighs 19kg — that’s more than an average bike. It has a battery with a 40km range and it is primarily made of aluminum.

The company says it should last up to 60 months thanks to a modular design. Bolt can replace parts without having to replace the scooter altogether.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find built-in sensors to detect accidents and unsafe riding. If you fall or if you brake sharply, Bolt can be alerted. The scooter also recognizes unsafe riding patterns. Combined with audio and visual warnings,…

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